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What if SHTF when you’re at work? 10 things to have in your office emergency kit

Most preppers are ready for when SHTF while they are at home, but what if you are stuck in the office? It is best to keep the items in your office emergency kit in a sturdy backpack so you are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can also store your items in a box or bin in your desk drawer.

Make sure your office emergency kit contains the following items: (h/t to

  1. Comfortable shoes – These will ensure that you are comfortable enough to run or walk long distances, which can be difficult if you are wearing dress shoes.
  2. First aid kit – Don’t forget an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses (if you need them), contact lens solution, prescription medication, and hand sanitizer.
  3. Flashlight and extra batteries – You will need a light source, especially if SHTF when you are working night shift.
  4. Food bars – Some portable and high-energy food bars will keep you alert when you are stuck at work or on your way home.
  5. Heavy-duty gloves – Protect your hands with some gloves, especially if you are going to be lifting heavy objects.
  6. Mylar blankets – These “space blankets” will help you stay warm.
  7. An N-95 mask – You will need a mask in case of dust or fumes.
  8. Phone charger – You will need to stay in touch, and a charger can help your phone stay powered for as long as possible.
  9. Water bottles – Even though most offices have water coolers, you never know when your water supply will run out. Keep several bottles in your bag so you can stay hydrated. Consider getting a water filter bottle so you can safely drink tap water.
  10. Weather radio – This will help you monitor weather conditions in case of natural disasters.

It won’t hurt to also prepare for minor life emergencies. If you have room in your bag, add some items that you can also use for mini emergencies:

  • Eyeglasses repair kit
  • A mini sewing kit – for clothing emergencies
  • Stain remover
  • Umbrella, poncho, an extra jacket, and hand warmers

Other items for your office survival kit

If you think you are going to need more items in your office survival kit, consider adding some of the things listed below so you can prepare for various survival scenarios.

  • Cash – If telecommunications go down, you might not be able to keep using your credit and debit cards. Hide some cash in your kit so you can still pay for vital goods and services.
  • Cord – Get some light rope, like 550 cord. There are endless survival uses for cord. Opt for a simple bundle of cord because a paracord bracelet might take too much time to unravel.
  • Folding knife – You can use a folding-blade knife for self-defense.
  • Lighter – It’s a fire and light source in one. Keep several lighters in your kit, just in case.

You can learn more about the proper survival gear and clothing for when SHTF at

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