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Insider warns of martial law and millions of deaths when “big one” hits California

The Big One is a hypothetical, long-overdue mega-quake that’s expected to strike the west coast at any time, with California suffering the brunt of the devastation. The idea of a massive earthquake hitting the heavily populated state already conjures up images of rattled people weaving their way through crumbled wreckage. Yet according to one first responder, the damage that will be caused by the Big One is going to be far worse than what you could imagine.

The first responder, who chose to remain anonymous, relayed their account through the website of radio host and author Steve Quayle. In the two-part report, they detail the discussions that occurred over the course of several high-level meetings. First and foremost is that millions of people are expected to die when the mega-quake finally happens.

“We were told recently during a meeting in D.C. that an estimated three to 10 million people will die during and after the earthquake,” the insider wrote. In the ensuring chaos and ruin, they state that “martial law will be established after the government condemns the affected areas as disaster zones.”

The government will take at least two weeks to get everything in working order: the first week will be devoted to arranging logistics, the second will be all about housing and processing people. By this, they mean that the government will gather basic personal information, perform medical assessments and background checks, and detain and arrest any known criminals or gang members.

Though this seems to be a logical way to go about post-disaster recovery and relief, government involvement will only worsen an already dire situation. Mandatory screenings, strict laws, and hours-long lines to receive aid or move from place to place will cause emotions to reach their peak and spill over onto the ruined streets.

“Fighting will break out all over at some point and people will die from their injuries, medical conditions, or from dehydration. The victims of this disaster will inevitably tango with the law enforcement and security,” the insider wrote. “This will cause a ‘Them versus Us’ mentality between the people and the government. Mass amounts of people may even try to attack check points and try to force entry into the facilities, leading to physical conflict and deadly force if authorized.”

As tension continues to mount, conflicts will arise and so will criminal activity. The opportunistic will just worsen the situation for those who are just trying to survive and those who are trying to help. To top it all off, the insider made sure to mention the two nuclear power plants in Diablo Canyon which, they believe, will poison millions more with radiation. All this because of a massive earthquake that can and will eventually rock the west coast. (Related: Scientists warn a massive earthquake is on the horizon for California.)

“This is not a conspiracy; this is a fact. The government is getting ready for it…There is no timeline for these events. I would tell everyone on the west coast to move towards the east, if you can. May God have mercy on us when this hits. Please be prepared and understand the severity of this event.”

The insider concludes their report by grimly stating that “the big fat cats” are prepared for the big one, while everyone else will be affected, overwhelmed, and unprepared.

Will you be one of them?

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