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“TOLERANT” GENOCIDE: Today the insane Left is calling for college campuses with NO WHITE PEOPLE… tomorrow they will call for all Whites to be eliminated from society

There could be no better civic lesson than what is occurring today on some American college campuses as to why our founders established a representative republic rather than a pure democracy — mob rule, in other words. Students are being singled out either for additional benefits over and above what everyone else is getting, or they are being singled out for persecution.

For instance, guest speakers and campus organizations espousing conservative political points of view are often physically intimidated, attacked outright or otherwise shut down by Left-wing activists and student organizations — almost always with at least the tacit approval of school administrators.

The same thing is happening to white students: They, too, are being intimidated, robbed of their equal rights under the Constitution and the law, and otherwise made to feel inferior.

Take the case of Evergreen State College, a far-Left college in Olympia, Washington. A couple of weeks back, students there besieged professors and administration staff demanding that they be allowed to kick white students off campus for a day, as a way of protesting so-called “white privilege.”

The vitriol was so explosive and so intimidating that one white college professor, who is a liberal but who also believes that every student has equal rights and protections under the law, was nearly kidnapped by a mob of angry students seeking to enforce their will.

The Olympian newspaper reported that students became incensed after an email surfaced between Prof. Bret Weinstein and Rashida Love, director of the First People’s Multicultural Advising Services, the phrase “First Peoples” in and of itself promoting a racist perspective. (RELATED: Libtard college campuses now running “political cleansing” campaigns to eliminate all conservatives)

Weinstein was condemning a “Day of Absence,” in which some student groups were demanding that no white people be allowed on campus for 24 hours — despite otherwise having every right to be there. Weinstein said that the demand was “an act of oppression in and of itself” — which ought to have been self-evident, given that it targeted whites — and that he would travel to the campus that day regardless of the protest, USA Today reported.

“If there was interest in a public presentation and discussion of race through a scientific/revolutionary lens, I would be quite willing to organize such an event,” Weinstein wrote.

Well, that was akin to blatant racism, according to the mob.

In a video posted on YouTube May 27, a group of students can be overheard calling on Weinstein to be fired; some demonstrations involved as many as a few hundred students, who flooded classrooms and the office of the college president. Some were shouting others down who attempted to speak up or address concerns.

“Hey-hey, ho-ho, these racist teachers have got to go,” students chanted in the video, the New York Post reported. You can view the video below:

Others chanted, “Black power! Black power!”

Now, who’s being racist here?

Not that any of the wannabe thugs and Che Guevara-type revolutionaries could put aside their anger and hatred — which was largely instilled and fomented by some of the same Left-wing extremist professors who “teach” them — long enough to be rational, but this kind of animalistic, knee-jerk behavior is precisely why our founders refused to fashion our government a pure democracy.

Imagine, in today’s media-fueled, over-hyped society, what a few charismatic individuals could entice a majority — even a bare majority — to vote for, if our government were not a representative form of government:

— Would someone be bold enough to propose banning certain ethnic groups from being protected by the Constitution?

— Would or could some universities completely ban certain ethnicities altogether? What about places of business? What about entire states?

— What if someone once again proposed enslaving a particular ethnic group, and then got the approval of 50.1 percent of the public? Could that happen?

Sure it could, and a whole lot of other bad things… if we were a pure democracy.

The social fabric of our country is unraveling, and the Left is responsible for it. It’s now gotten so bad even Left-wing college professors aren’t left-wing enough.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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