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Events are coalescing to place the blame for the global financial collapse squarely on Trump’s shoulders

The election of Donald Trump as president last fall was an occasion that sparked both mass anger and mass excitement. It was perhaps the most divisive election in American history for this very reason, setting a mood of civil unrest that some believe could unravel into full-on civil war in the near future. But as the general public is once again led to believe that this is just another left-right skirmish, a closer look reveals that we could all be getting played – again – by the hidden culprit behind almost every tumultuous, socially transformative event: The globalist bankers.

As you’ll probably recall, Trump was the anti-establishment candidate who, all along the campaign trail, railed against virtually everything that constitutional conservatives recognize as being fundamentally destructive to our republic. He called out the “neocons” both on the left and the right for perpetuating constant war and nation-building all around the world, for instance, and especially in the Middle East. He touted a mantra of “America First” as he promised to clean up Washington and “drain the swamp” while supporting the everyday American worker – another plus.

Trump was a conservative’s dream candidate in many ways, in other words, and a breath of fresh air amidst the tired politics of business as usual that most Americans have come to simply accept as inevitable. And with his rise to power came an immense backlash from the left, which was collectively led like sheep to the slaughter into the socially engineered mindset that Trump represents everything they are against. Consequently, we’ve seen rioting in the streets, harassment, and even violence from the mass “triggering” that came about because of Trump’s election.

But in a recent piece for, Brandon Smith, author of “Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost,” explains how what’s currently taking place in America could be so-called “fourth-generation warfare” being waged against the American people by the global elite. He describes this tactic as tricking the enemy into destroying himself, and the way that it seems to be happening is through the perpetuation of false left-right political aggression.

False left-right narrative to bring down ‘old’ order and replace it with ‘new’

In a nutshell, what Smith believes may be occurring is that the global elite – the shadow bankers and “deep state” operatives – are setting up President Trump to be the fall-guy for when the economy reaches a tipping point of collapse. The goal, he says, may be to have not only the president but also his supporters be the left’s scapegoat to blame for this inevitable collapse, which could reach the next phase before year’s end.

“4th Gen tactics are confusing to many because most people think in terms of single movements and direct correlations,” writes Smith. “[T]hey think that a punch thrown is a punch intended to strike, rather than intended as a feint or misdirection.”

What he means by this in terms of our current political landscape is that conservatives could be getting misled into believing that they’re “winning,” when in fact they’re being manipulated into lowering their guard and accepting more authoritarian government to fight back against the left. The left has already been primed to respond in kind with more violence and outrage, which is setting the stage for a left-right war of epic proportions – all to take place as the elitist bankers who engineered it sit back and watch.

“The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure; a single global edifice in which we are not a nation but a feudal vassal with no ideas of sovereign self determination,” Smith adds, echoing some of what our own Mike Adams predicted last fall.

“That said, the old world cannot be torn down outright. The globalists do not plan to take any blame for the crisis that would inevitably follow. Enter Trump, the perfect scapegoat for the next stage of fiscal collapse, and perhaps a pied piper convincing enough to lure numerous conservative groups into taking the blame as well.”


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